Monday , 25 May 2020

Omnitec Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Parking Guidance System Parking Guidance Systems (PGS) includes Variable Message Sign (VMS) displays at various locations leading to parking facilities. It provides real-time parking availability information. All parking information and related data is gathered, stored and displayed to motorists electronically. Guides motorists to transit station parking facilities through a demand-responsive state-of-the-art communications system. Manages existing parking stock by directing motorists to areas with ample parking stall vacancies. Reduces internal lot dwell & circulation times and thereby provides for improved fill rate efficiencies. Overall system components include central control software and hardware, local controllers, parking lot sensors, and site specific VMS. Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition Systems It has Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology with customized application. Provides video streaming & image processing of the driver while entering and leaving car parks to protect the interests of the vehicle owners against theft and vandalism in a car park facility. Uses illumination to highlight a licence plate, allowing a camera to take a photograph of the car’s licence plate. Plate image is then scanned by image-processing software which extracts the necessary data and compares the data against any number of recorded databases. Technology can work in all lighting and weather conditions. Current technology allows the licence plate to be compared with information stored on a variety of databases, such as stolen car hotlists or prohibited driver databases. RFID Vehicle identification The system identifies each and every vehicle and thus allows access for authorized vehicles only. Identification done from a distance of between 6-15m to enable hassle free access without stopping the vehicle at the access boom gate at the entry and exit points. It can be used in parking lots at airports, seaports, bus terminals, taxi stands, city centers, multilevel car parks, commercial complexes, IT Parks etc. Involves onetime investment but has multiple long term benefits: decreases monthly recurring expenses on manpower for handling the facility, avoids possible human error in operation and ensures control & reporting. Most importantly, also illuminates the possibilities of pilferage in manpower managed parking lots.

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