Sunday , 31 May 2020

Panoramic Camera

panoramiccameraHikvision’s PanoVU series is an all-in-one solution which integrates multiple sensors into the one unit, eliminating the need for video stitching software. The series can capture panoramic images as well as close-up images to give consideration to both panorama and details. The panaromic images are captured by four or eight sensors, which could realize 1800 /3600 panorama monitoring. The design of integration model and high speed PTZ offers the function of fast detail positioning over panoramic area. At the same time, the PanoVu series cameras adopt ultra-low light technology and can make coloured images possible in all kinds of light environment.

The PanoVu series cameras are available in 8MP and 16MP, 360-degree variants, allowing users to select the ideal model for their specific surveillance. The 16MP 360-degree model use 8X1/1.9” Progressive Scan CMOS sensors to create their panoramic images, while the 8MP models incorporate four sensors to generate their 180-degree images. All the PanoVu series Cameras are ip66-rated for use in a wide variety of weather conditions and applications.

The series is ideal for monitoring  in large scale areas like airport, gym, crossing, stadiums, city centers and parking lots. The multi-sensor unit helps in curtailing costs and reducing technical complexity.

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