Friday , 5 June 2020

Park Guidance System

The DuplineR Car Park Guidance System from Carlo Gavazzi is a reliable and easy to install solution that offers car park owners the chance to provide their customers with a more efficient service. As drivers are guided to find the nearest available parking space quicker thereby reducing the volume of toxic fumes and pollution, the amount of ventilation required, and operating costs are also lowered.

The system is easily installed using a 3-wire and is simple to configure. A ceiling mounted ultrasonic sensor is installed in each parking space to detect if a vehicle is present. This transmit the availability of spaces to displays situated around the area with built-in LEDs to indicate how many spaces are there. A green arrow shows the location and quickest route to the next available parking space.

Dedicated handicapped parking spaces are shown using a blue LED and a red cross indicates that there are no spaces free within that section.


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