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Wednesday , 17 August 2022

ParkingDetection: Revolutionizing Smart City Parking

Smart parking forms an integral part in making cities truly smart says CEO, David Herman.

There has been an increased thrust by the governmental institutions in India on building smart cities. Technological breakthroughs are bringing about positive change within these cities. Smart parking forms an integral part in making cities truly smart with sensor-based tracking, complete digitization of parking operations and utilization of data analytics ensuring efficient parking systems. These approaches translate to several benefits such as less congestion on roads, productive use of physical assets and better revenue through dynamic parking fees during peak times within the city.

For Indian cities which are on the cusp of a technological change, ParkingDetection by RCE Systems, headquartered in Czech Republic, offers a camera-based parking management system that performs as a robust and innovative solution for on-street and off-street parking monitoring. The system is deployed on several continents and currently monitors 150,000 spots every single seconds.

Making a Driver’s Journey Hassle-free

Having conducted a market analysis to understand the unique market requirements, the team incorporated advancing technologies within its solution to deliver cutting-edge results. The solution was developed using a smart sensor in the form of an IP camera and AI and profits from worldwide successful RCE’s product for detailed traffic monitoring called DataFromSky. With the capability to monitor 400 parking spaces with a single camera, the system components are drastically reduced compared to competing solutions available in the market. The system is not just equipped with the basic functionality of monitoring the current occupancy of the car park, but also detects incorrect parking, blocking vehicles or collects traffic flow statistics. The team leverages its rich experience in the field of image processing to seamlessly measure the size of the free parking space and estimate how many vehicles of each category can park. The solution prides itself on its detection accuracy rate being a whopping 98.5 percent owing to the use of deep neural networks.

The ParkingDetection system includes the Central Management System, available via a web browser from which dozens of car parks can be controlled simultaneously, LED navigation panels, mobile driver applications or an open API for integration into Smart City dashboards. ParkingDetection brings a concept that allows to create a new parking policy for smart cities – paying for parking retroactively, payment discipline check or identification of each vehicle in parking lot based on number plate. Customers can now make parking payments via mobile application or through internet payment. An important part of this functionality is the collection of defaulter’s records.

Delving deeper into the mobile driver application available, the driver can map out his trip while simultaneously using the “Parking space reservation” function that ensures a free parking space is available on arrival. In tandem with having been designed to serve its drivers, the solution assists operators or police to monitor the payment discipline of drivers. The application can be used to verify whether a particular vehicle has paid for a parking or which vehicle has exceeded the prepaid parking time.

Having made significant progress in this sector, the company is now focused on developing its business activities in markets with strong potential such as India. The team is also directing its efforts to achieve a parking occupancy analysis directly on the IP camera itself.

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