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Tuesday , 25 January 2022

Portable Wheel & Axle Weighing system

The Axle/Wheel Load Scale has wireless indicator/display:-

The main features are:
• Portable Wheel Load Scale
• Wireless indicator/display
• Static mode measurement
• Dynamic mode measurement

. Some of the additional features are
• Stronger Structure with Stainless steel stiffener.
• Touch Screen Display with Highly user friendly interaction.
• Ultra-High Frequency with better Anti-Electromagnet Ability.
• 40 Hours Long battery backup.
• Ultra-thin weigh pad design only 25 mm High.
• Attached Guiding mat.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) is its low cost with promotional discounts.

The in-built display wheel weighing pad has

• Ultrathin design- only 25 mm high.
• Made from tough Aircraft Aluminum Alloy.
• Rechargable battery powered.
• Multiple Button Load Cells for accurate weighing.
• Easy to carry upto weighing site with convenient carry handle.
• Various standard sizes and capacities available.
• 24 kg gross weight of the standard weighing scale thus easy to carry.

Some of the additional features are
• 25 mm high 5-digits LED display.
• Two quick release access ramps and are highly portable.
• Auto-off feature that conserves battery.
• Standard large and oversize models are available.

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