Thursday , 1 October 2020

Renault-Nissan uses ZF Friedrichshafen plastic engine

ZF Friedrichshafen AG?s new plastic engine mount is being used in Renault-Nissan?s electric as well as small and compact cars. The plastic engine mount is a high performance product that dampens vibrations as effectively as the earlier rubber-metal versions but is approximately 25% lighter. The engine mount housing uses fibber glass reinforced polyamide instead of aluminum continuous casting to reduce the weight. It is quite resistant to corrosion and 100 % recyclable. Due to its modular construction, the ZF plastic engine mount can also be designed for various types of engines and vehicles at anytime. As a joining element between the engine and the vehicle, engine mounts prevent undesired vibrations from the unit and driveline being transferred to the rest of the vehicle and, at the same time, they ensure that noises are insulated. They also need to be strong enough to keep the engine stable within the vehicle, even on poor roads or in the event of collisions.

In order to develop a polyamide design with these characteristics ZF uses complex CAD models and, based on latest integrative simulation tools, works out suitable solutions after conducting comprehensive tests. The engine mount is being presently produced in six models, specifically for the small & compact cars as well as the Renault-Nissan electric cars.


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