Friday , 3 April 2020

Siemens first in ABI Research’s Traffic Management Systems assessment

Siemens ranks first in ABI Research’s latest competitive assessment evaluating Traffic Management Systems hardware, software, solution, and data providers. It performs strongly on innovation criteria across the board, with an extensive portfolio for traffic monitoring and video surveillance, operations and management centers, modelling and planning, intelligent traffic lights, digital signage, and dynamic tolling. It also scores high on implementation criteria such as regional coverage, market share, and quality, and reliability.

Siemens forms part of a top three of ICT players including IBM and Cisco, developing traffic management systems as new business development opportunities leveraging their IT, big data, communication, and machine vision assets. Kapsch is also investing heavily in traffic management technology, having acquired Transdyn in 2014 and continuing to diversify away from its core Electronic Toll Collect business. Beyond this, a level playing field of a long tail of smaller vendors are competing for market share, often operating more locally, offering traffic management systems as a secondary solution, or providing only specific components of traffic management systems such as simulation and analytics tools.

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