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Friday , 24 March 2023

‘Smart’ Cities, ‘Smart’ Way

The issue specific concept by TrafficInfraTech that cover different areas is very informative and also insightful.

The present government has envisioned the concept of building 100 new Smart Cities in the country that will have better facilities, better connectivity and better environment. Smart cities drive sustainable economic growth and prosperity for their citizens. The leader should have the tools to analyse data for better decisions, anticipate problems to resolve them proactively and coordinate resources to operate effectively. There are various aspects of a Smart City including urban development, power, energy, transport, technology, green building, network & communication technology, etc. TrafficInfraTech should publish an expert article on what constitutes a Smart City.

However, in India, haphazard traffic movement is the order of the day even in the metropolitan cities, leave aside the smaller cities. Orderliness in mobility in most countries is achieved through contact-less interventions such as optimised traffic signals, lane management cameras, speed and red light violation detection cameras, centralised traffic control room as well as traffic guidance and navigation system. With rapidly changing technology and upgrades, it would be relevant to have a regular feature focussing on innovative technology in Intelligent Traffic Management Systems.

India has to slowly eliminate cash and introduce plastic or mobile technology as payment options similar to European and South Asian countries.

Nandkishor Desai
Group Head – Mobility & Pavement Solutions
Trimax IT Infrastructure and Service Ltd

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