Monday , 26 October 2020

Smart Parking in Bengaluru

A new government-sponsored ‘smart parking’ system that helps drivers find parking slots using a smartphone app, is in the offing across Bengaluru. This system is in vogue in London and other major cities of the world.

The first phase of the rollout is expected within a year, provided Bengaluru makes it to the Smart Cities Mission project list in the third and final round of the competition, to be held in March. As part of the Smart City proposal, the state government is ready with a presentation on smart parking solutions to make parking in the city systematic under the public-private partnership model.

“Finding a parking slot is becoming a real challenge in Bengaluru. Lack of parking lots and haphazard parking are just adding to road users’ woes, especially in busy centres like K R Market. Smart parking is a new way of managing parking in cities using new technology. With this new system, you can save time and energy and reduce traffic problems and air pollution,’’ said Muralidhar Turuvekere, nodal officer for the Smart City project.

Under the proposal, it is planned to convert parking stretches on about 85 roads into smart ones in the first phase. In order to avoid driving around in circles when looking for a parking slot, the drivers will be able to see a real-time map of parking availability and be directed to an empty space.

The added advantage is that the system can work completely cashless, in tune with the latest fad — smart cards to park on or off roads will be available at BengaluruOne centres. “You can even check the parking rates and maximum time that you can park at your chosen location,’’ he added.

The enforcement agencies – police and BBMP – will also benefit. By sending real-time information to the control centre, these sensors help the traffic police and civic body monitor parking spaces, by detecting vehicles parked in restricted parking areas.

According to officials, a central server will connect the management of all parking lots. CCTVs will be installed from where employees and municipal officials can check the live status of the parking situation in a particular bay, and oversee all the activities. This step will help make multilevel parking a success.

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