Saturday , 4 April 2020

Smart Parking Solution

The gateway is installed on the nearest streetlight pole. The magnetic sensors communicate to it over ZigBee/Lora protocol. It has built-in battery backup and the battery can last up to 8 hours in the event of power failure. The Gateway relays the sensor information to the CMS through GSM network. Our solution includes the GSM connectivity between the Gateway and the CMS. Depending on the parking slot arrangement and obstructions (like trees) in the locality around 10 to 20 sensors can be connected to a single gateway.

Central Management System
Smart Parking System shall provide both online portal and a free mobile app that can be used by the citizens to get all information about the existing parking lots, book a parking slot, buy passes, etc. It synchronizes the date & time of all the parking components at a regular interval to ensure that there is not date and time mismatch between various devices for the same transaction. It consists of the following modules:

Parking Management Module
This module is responsible for the parking lot timings, parking fees, parking slot reservations, ticketing transactions, vehicle images from CCTV during entry & exit and CCTV video footage related to ticketing transactions at entry & exit.

Parking Guidance Module:
It is responsible for maintaining the occupancy status of individual parking slots and providing that information to the commuters through digital displays, Web Portal & Mobile Apps.

User Management Module:
It manages various types of users and provides access to them, based on their privileges to various functionality of CMS through Web Portal and Mobile App.

Web Portal:
A secure online web portal is provided to the users through which they can register and perform various parking bookings, payments and guidance operations. The Web Portal provides separate view for admins, operators and commuters.

Mobile App:
Smart Parking System shall come with an intuitive, easy to use, responsive mobile app that can be freely downloaded by the users. It allows users to reserve parking space for one hour, before coming to the parking lot.

Device Management Module:
All the devices are managed by the CMS in a hierarchical fashion. It monitors, configures and communicates with the devices through the Gateways. It logs and stores all the activity and status of the devices. All the logs are non-editable and once stored, they can be used only for audits, reports or analytics. Any addition or deletion of the devices needs to be authorized and CMS will communicate with only authorized devices. It has an integrated fault management and error management module.

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