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Monday , 6 December 2021

Smart Technology: Securing Cities’ Transportation

• Orissa Government invested Rs 51.5Cr in Bhubaneshwar for core utility operations integrations city operations center equipped for alerting, monitoring and incident management.
• Tamil Nadu government has commissioned command and control center in Vellore for Rs 40Cr with alerting and operations system equipped with datacenter and conference facilities.
• Panaji – setting up of the integrated command and control centre to monitor the city and installation of 400-odd surveillance cameras
• In Rajasthan, all the four smart cities in the state— Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Ajmer— have Abhay Command and Control Centres for taking care of internal security, disaster management and taking care of civic amenities management through IoT enabled technologies.
• Allahabad/Prayagraj: At the ICCC, 120 experts worked round the clock on surveillance and crowd management. Crowd analytics for surveillance of entry/ exit points and bathing ghats. Facial recognition software to trace people with the help of a photograph. Number plate detection software to track the movement of a vehicle captured on any of the 1,150 cameras.
• Chandigarh – MoU has been signed with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) for setting up an ICCC in the city, which will help in surveillance through fixed/PTZ cameras and intelligent traffic management system, along with an adaptive traffic control system.
• Chandigarh – government in partnership with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is setting up an ICCC in the city, to help in surveillance through fixed/PTZ cameras and intelligent traffic management system, along with an adaptive traffic control system in places like markets, public parks, schools, colleges and community centres.
• Surat became the first Indian city to engage with Microsoft CityNext, using 60+ digital solutions. The department created a data-centre using Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server and Windows 7, to monitor street activities by tapping into state and national surveillance grids. To improve the existing process of tracking citizen requests, the department created an e-application system that allows the public to view the status.

(Source: SCI-2019 presentation)

Prama Hikvision is committed to provide complete and innovative solutions in ITS. Ashish Dhakan adds, “The latest solution from Hikvision Smart IP Solutions – the ITS, includes dedicated, high-performance cameras for event capture, reliable embedded video terminals for event recording, and a centralised video management platform – perfectly unifying all the ITS devices and delivering service-extensible applications.” In the portfolio of available traffic easing technologies, latest-generation video technology is the star. According to Dhakan, innovations in AI and DL have transformed standard video monitoring with features that alert operators about traffic issues in real time. This allows them to take immediate action to keep lanes clear and to keep traffic flowing.

Key Safety and Security Projects in India

• In 2017, Bihar government has sanctioned a project in Patna with a project value of Rs 148.5Cr for installing smart poles with notification systems and CCTV cameras for city surveillance.
• Maharashtra government equipped Nashik city with 4,000 cameras with 800 to be dedicated for monitoring vehicular traffic, especially road mishaps and hitand- run cases.
• Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has been installing 500 CCTV cameras under the Smart City project.The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras would help them in curbing crimes like vehicle thefts and rash driving.
• Raipur – Around 372 CCTV cameras have been installed at strategic locations for better surveillance, ‘Intelligent’ (automated) traffic signals have also been put up at 40 locations, besides 36 automatic number plate recognition cameras at six locations and red-light violation detection devices at 23 locations
• Patna – More than 300 CCTV cameras have been installed in the city by different agencies, including traffic police. The proposal of the Patna Police for installation of 591 CCTV and 31 automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) camera are already installed in the city.
• Bhubaneswar Smart City – The surveillance will be done through 4,000 high-end intelligent CCTV cameras with red light violation detection and speed violation detection system.
• Rajkot Eye Way Project – In the first phase of the project, more than 500 cameras have been installed at 107 locations. In addition, at 7 locations ANPR/RLVD cameras have been installed to monitor traffic activities and system of e-Challan has been started. In the second phase, a total of 109 locations have been identified to install 277 Fix Cameras, 109
• PTZ Camera and in 10 other locations a total of 84 ANPR/ RLVD will be installed.
• Cochin Smart Mission Ltd (CSML) is implementing ICSS under its smart city project and installing integrated crime surveillance system (ICSS) across 135 locations.
• Jalandhar – The project would come up at a cost of Rs 116Cr under which 1250 CCTV cameras would be installed at 250 locations
• Thane – CCTV Surveillance of 400 cameras has been installed across 10 wards of the city.
• Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) will install 3,148 CCTV cameras in Surat for 24*7 surveillance of its facilities. The work is implemented under the Suman Eye Project and is expected to cost Rs 14Cr.

(Source: SCI-2019 presentation)

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