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Sunday , 28 November 2021

Smart Technology: Securing Cities’ Transportation

Some of the key features includes:

i) Smart city traffic enforcement (ITMS): Can be used with Red Light Violation Detection. Integrated with RTO: e-Challan.
ii) Parking Management: Calculates the vehicle occupancy time for each parking slots.
iii) Entry / Exit / Tollbooth Vehicle Monitoring: This is a typical use case for what we call Video analytics for smart buildings. Implementations include:
a) Comparing number plate with Blacklist and White list
b) Time spent by vehicle inside premises
c) Alert on vehicles that haven’t exited end of the day
d) Daily reporting: Vehicle counting reports.
iv) Video incidence detection for highways (VIDS)
a) Illegal parking detection in no parking areas
b) Wrong way detection
c) Speeding detection
d) Sudden stop detection in the middle of the road indicating accident
e) Traffic Classification into Congested, Stop and Go and Normal
f) Vehicle classification, colour detection, multi-lane vehicle counting and reports.

Meanwhile, Aabmatica Technologies’ focus is centred on traffic management and enforcement solutions. Arvind Tewari, General Manager, Aabmatica Technologies Pvt. Ltd sees a sharp increase in the demand of products in these verticals as it forms part of all smart city and traffic police modernization projects. He adds, “With the current emphasis on traffic safety and amended Motor Vehicle Act, we foresee a further use of technology in these fields. The policy makers as well as the government wants technology to replace all feet on ground ensuring a transparent and fair system.”

In order to reduce waiting time at traffic junctions and understand traffic status across the length and breadth of cities, usage of various types of sensors has increased. The company has been able to make major breakthroughs in traffic management solutions and expects an exponential growth in this market.

Rahul Kamat

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