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Friday , 24 March 2023

Specialised Services in Toll Systems & ITS

With more than 30 years in the business, Spain based Tecsidel is actively involved in the development of new ideas in the field of Toll collection and ITS. Tecsidel solutions cover hardware and software design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It integrates the multiple operative levels employing open- source protocols.

The future of traffic and transportation systems is determined by the development of information and communication technologies. Tecsidel, a pioneer in the study and implementation of advanced systems, has been active in the field of toll collection & ITS and its highquality customised solutions.


The Tecsidel Toll Plus solution is a complete control system built in a pyramidal structure that can integrate up to four operative levels: lane, toll plaza, concession and multiconcession. It analyses, manages and controls the data by means of different Business Intelligence (BI) strategies. The conventional toll system can combine different technologies, starting from Manual Toll, Electronic Toll, ATPM (Automatic Toll Payment Machine) to collection through portable terminals. This enables Audit Functions, Transaction Control, Revenue and Incidents, and the complete automation of vehicular traffic monitoring systems at various management levels (lane and back-office).


  • The most modern products: User-friendly guidelines, less obsolescence, web accessibility and control of fraud. The system use sophisticated tools of monitoring and control in real time, with total traceability of the information from the start of the transit.
  • Flexible Design: It enables adaptation to any business rule that the customer states. Systematisation of processes to facilitate the operation, using environment-friendly and easy to configure interfaces adapted to the specific needs.
  • Easy adaptation: Scalable (modular) and flexible (fully configurable) design. The Toll Plus suits the project of each customer; its peculiarities and need adapt to a previously defined rigid system.
  • First line equipment: Brands globally recognised and carefully selected for intensive use, maximum performance and durability, which means a fast amortisation.
  • Simple and clean lanes design: Clean solutions use photoelectric elements that mostly eliminate the use of electro-mechanical devices. It drastically reduce maintenance requirements and avoid traffic cuts due to breakdowns of the traditional treadles caused by the passage of vehicles on the road.
  • Need of a minimal maintenance team for each plaza: The design and architecture of the lanes requires minimal maintenance. Tecsidel use automated processes that reduce the time response of the system and the intervention of qualified staff.
  • Monitoring and Control System (MCS): It has its own web tool that allows monitoring and tracking of all the transits in real time. They guarantee total control over the operation of the system with special attention to the fraud control.
  • Modular and flexible Back Office with web tools: It has a second web tool of exploitation, monitoring and control allowing the concessionaire service a fully exploitation of the lanes information, defining users profiles, its operators and having cuts on the information (each user sees only the needed information).
  • Efficient after-sales service:r- Their after sales service includes on-site maintenance offers and remote maintenance according to each customer and its location. The resolutions attention, incidents and doubts after installation and commissioning have minimal response time.
  • Call Center service: Tecsidel has qualified multilingual HW and SW technicians available 24×7, with a complete mastery of all the equipment installed in each lane and with its own monitoring and control tools, able to solve incidents of all kinds very quickly.

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