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Sunday , 22 May 2022

Speed Detection System for Surat

Vehant Technologies’ VehiScan – ANPR system and TrafficMon Speed Detection System along with the complete smart city project was launched in Surat with the aim of traffic management across the city.

Over 130 people were nabbed by the cops within one month of installation of the system in the first phase. Most of these offenders were luxury car owners who were over-speeding during peak traffic hours. The permissible speed limit is 60km on Gaurav Path”, said, Rakesh Asthana, Police Commissioner, Surat.

In order to enhance the security of citizens, and reduce traffic violations, the Surat Police along with the Gujarat government officials have approved the second phase of security and vehicle enforcement around the City.

The scope of project encompasses smart city surveillance through CCTV, Automated Number plate reading system (ANPR), Speed detection systems and face recognition systems. The plan included automated recording of the license plates of vehicles moving across the city along with speed detection systems for monitoring the vehicle speed in and around the city along with face recognition cameras.

Vehant’s VehiScan: ANPR is based on proprietary intelligent OCR based algorithm capable of capturing and reading the license plates of all the vehicles moving even at high speed. Post recognition, the central system matches it against the hot-listed/stolen vehicles and raises an alarm locally as well as in central control room. The most significant feature of this product is its efficiency of recognition of the license plates even when there is low visibility and large number of non-standard number plates in the city. It works in 24×7 environment providing high level detection and recognition accuracy. It is also able to perform well in cluttered city scenarios with a mix of four and two wheelers.

TrafficMon™ – Speed Violation Detection System is successfully running on high frame rate Camera and IR light and calculates the speed of a moving vehicle in real-time. At the same time, it captures multiple images of the violating vehicle. The OCR algorithm with the system does number reading. All this data is sent in real time to the command and control centre of Surat Police. The violator address details are fetched from VAAHAN for further challans generation and posted to offenders.

In the second phase, ANPR cameras have been increased to around 55 and multiple TraffiMon speed cameras have been ordered to be deployed at more locations.

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