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Adaptive Traffic Solutions for Indian Cities

Santhosh Muzumdar, Head of Business Development & Government Affairs, Johnson Controls India share insights on how the company’s traffic management solutions could help smart cities overcome traffic challenges, such as easing overcrowded road networks and improving road safety A drive through the snarly traffic in a metro city in India will make you question, why am I not getting enough ...

AI: Transforming the Transportation Ecosystem

AI is any behaviour that is apparently intelligent carried out by machines rather than the kinds of natural intelligence. Forms of problem solving and even ‘learning’ in a sense are often considered artificial intelligence. Examples of successful AI include machines that can understand human speech, drive cars etc. AI: Optimizing Infrastructure for Cities The concept of artificial intelligence goes all ...

Traficon’s intelligent traffic control technology powers Mumbai ATC system

Mumbai’s recently implemented Adaptive Traffic Control (ATC) system, which won the award for the ‘Best ITS 2011 Project’ from the Union Ministry of Urban Development, has reduced waiting time at traffic signals by 50 percent and overall travelling time by about 30 percent. The ATC system in Mumbai uses 700 video-based vehicle presence detectors supplied by Belgium-based video detection maker, ...

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