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Vehicle Detection System and ANPR

AI Traffic Incidence Detection (Video Incidence Detection) system from AllGoVision Technolgies Pvt Ltd helps in detecting illegal parking in ‘No Parking’ area, wrong way, overspeeding and sudden- stop detection in the middle of the road indicating accident. The system also helps in vehicle classification, colour detection, multi-lane vehicle counting and reports garbage or litter on the road. The detection system ...

FACE FORWARD: The Future of Facial Recognition

Smart roads’ or ‘Smart highways’ has managed to gain ground in the developed world that are intended to be both interactive and largely self-powering. The concept holds tremendous potential for India considering its road network being the second largest in the world and continues to be the most important means of transport. This large road asset can be leveraged for ...

AllGoVision Technologies Pvt Ltd

Software for Video Analytics AllGoVision is a Video Analytics software product for actionable intelligence for safety, security and business analytics. The product provides excellent return on investment for a wide range of applications, including City & Traffic Surveillance, Intelligent Traffic System (ITS), Parking Management and many more. The product analyzes rapidly the video for specific data, behavior patterns, tracking movement ...

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