Saturday , 16 February 2019

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Providing Smart Vehicle Parking Management System

What are the key solutions offered by JAAN Innovations? JAAN Innovations has developed the Image Processing and IOT based platform, which can be used for many applications (e.g Retail, Perimetry Security etc). However, currently we are concentrating on Smart Vehicle Parking Management System. For this we offer our H/W Platform, cloud-based S/W Platform and Mobile App. This Parking Management System ...

Boom Barriers

LED Light Barrier Gate from Recon is powered by a 120W AC motor that runs on 220V. It has a protection grade rating of IP44. The boom is straight, square shaped and available in 3m and 4m options.

Boom Barriers

Ditech Boom Barriers from Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd offer a simple and convenient access control solution. They come in a wide range of models and with boom arms of varying lengths for different applications. They are used in toll gates, parking lots, railway crossings, industrial entrances, condominiums and apartment block access. They can be integrated with a host of access ...




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