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Intelligent Cameras for Traffic Management

With increased urbanization and increased vehicular traffic, cities everywhere are battling with an inability to build enough infrastructure. While the government has been laying emphasis on building roads, bridges & underpasses and creating alternative modes of mass public transport systems, this may not be enough to address the traffic congestion. Traffic management has always posed a challenge in India and ...

Solutions for changing driver behaviour and safer highways

The situations we have in our country demand resilient and robust road safety products and solutions. We have a unique set of challenges on Indian roads that are vastly different from road circumstances globally. Safety on our roads today is impacted by speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, traffic management systems that are not geared for Indian ...

Vehicle Detection System and ANPR

AI Traffic Incidence Detection (Video Incidence Detection) system from AllGoVision Technolgies Pvt Ltd helps in detecting illegal parking in ‘No Parking’ area, wrong way, overspeeding and sudden- stop detection in the middle of the road indicating accident. The system also helps in vehicle classification, colour detection, multi-lane vehicle counting and reports garbage or litter on the road. The detection system ...

e-Challan for Better Traffic Management System

World-over Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are undergoing changes as their need, use and effectiveness are still finding newer meanings throughout. Though put to optimum use in many cities in the US and Europe, Asian countries are still using them sparingly. ITS is being experimented within India but many a challenge needs to be overcome to make these systems more effective ...

Fines to be paid through cards

The Police department has introduced cashless spot fine collection systems for traffic rule violators in the south Indian city Tiruchirapalli. The rule breakers can henceforth pay fine for motor petty cases booked against them using their debit or credit card to the duty police personnel deployed at various spots instead of paying in cash. The City Police has launched the ...




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