Tuesday , 19 November 2019

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How do we tackle congestion?

A case for ITMS platforms presented by Dr Rajesh Krishnan, CEO, ITS Planners and Engineers Pvt Ltd Our Smart Cities programme is now nearly four years old. A number of cities have already implemented ITS systems or are in the process of doing so at the cost of taxpayers’ money. It is in public interest to make sure that these ...

Management of Surface Parking

Policy Alagappan: Enforcement of parking regulations should be approached not only from the authority perspective or from the police perspective but also from the system itself. For example, there might be a very good multilevel car park but again within the authority or within the systems, there is no proper coordination happening. Within 100 metres, I am creating an on-street surface ...

ITS Challenges in India

India has already made a foray into ITS in organizing traffic, more extensive and urgent integration of advanced technology and concepts into mainstream traffic management is imperative. A number of prototype ITS projects have already been introduced in various cities which have focused on isolated deployments of parking information, area-wide signal control, and advanced toll collection. However, there are only ...

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