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“Quality is important because people’s lives depend on our products”

Manish Nagpal, Director, Madhav Safety Works Pvt Ltd talks about the challenges facing the road safety industry and the measures needed to manufacture quality safety products As a manufacturer and wholesaler of road safety products, what challenges do you face in your operations? The biggest challenge we have found is the lack of awareness regarding road safety standards. Of course ...

Madhav Safety Works Pvt Ltd

Road Barriers Versatile products for lane diversions or temporary barricading. Made up of high- impact resistant and UV stabilised material which makes them very durable. Model –     SW-BR-1: (L) 1000mm x (W) 500mm x (H) 800mm. Model –     SW-BR-2: (L) 1500mm x (W) 400mm x (H) 1000mm. Model –     SW-INTERLINK: (L) 1000mm x (W) 200mm x (H) ...

Speed Bumps

SW-PB-425*75 is a new 75mm plastic speed bump manufactured by Madhav Safety Works Pvt Ltd, an addition to its existing range of road safety products available under the brand name “Safety Works”. The specially compounded plastic gives the plastic speed bumps greater durability. The UV stabilised black and yellow colour combination ensures that the colours last long and give the ...

Speed Bumps/Speed Breakers SW-PB-425*75

Madhav Safety Works Pvt Ltd has added a new product – 75mm high plastic speed bump (SW-PB-425*75 ) to its existing range of road safety products, manufactured under the brand name “Safety Works”. The plastic speed bump is made of specially compounded plastic which gives it greater durability. It is painted in black and yellow colours to ensure high visibility. ...




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