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Energy Cost in Metro Rail–Is it getting its due?

The energy consumed by trains is often neglected while arriving at cost of a mass transit project. The authors outline factors to be considered while arriving at estimates of energy consumption by rolling stock and during evaluation of bids for transit projects. Energy consumption by trains is a growing concern for operators and infrastructure administrators. Energy cost is 30-50% of ...

Green Transit Facilities and Benefits

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has set up the IGBC Green MRTS Steering Committee for developing a rating programme to address environmental performance of new Rail-based Mass Rapid Transit Systems To increase the share of public transport, many Indian cities are developing world-class Rail based Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS). Currently metro rail system is operational in six Indian cities. ...

Metro Rail System Need for Standardisation

An increasing number of cities in India have opted for metro rail as the choice of mass rapid transit system. The author takes a look at the issues faced by vendors supplying systems for the metro rail in India as well as innovation and trends in metro rail and mainline rail systems. Urbanisation in India is increasing rapidly – about ...

Reduction of crowding level in Public Transportation Service:
An important policy agenda

The authors consider the effect of crowding, while investigating the attractiveness of a public transportation service in developing countries like India. The important attributes of a public transportation mode choice largely depends on time and cost. They are recognized as primary attributes influencing the mode choice decision of a trip maker. But researchers over the years have identified the fact ...




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