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Axle-count System

RoadPod VT from Metrocount is the latest model that can record up to four million axle hits, continuously for five years, before requiring a battery change or data download. Very easy to install and remove, pneumatic tubes are the most effective and economical way to collect short term traffic data. The RoadPod VT system, in particular, is also known for ...

Loop Monitor

The RoadPod VL series uses embedded inductive loops to provide long-term traffic data. This modular system is an economical and efficient choice for monitoring one or multiple lanes. MetroCount offers two versions of the RoadPod VL. The VL5810 model provides vehicle volume, class, speed, direction and other traffic related data. MTE includes standard length classification schemes and offers the option ...


Tube Counters RoadPod® VT + FieldPod® is the latest generation tube counters. It stores up to four million axles while monitoring continuously for up to four years without a battery change. This system meets the standards of accuracy required by National Highways Authority, providing precise volume, speed, class, and direction data. Very robust, the counter is proven to perform for ...

Black Box

Legal precedent promotes a new school of thought on admissible traffic data. Back in 1939, François Hussenot and Paul Beaudouin developed an intuitive machine to record a continuous stream of pictures in an aircraft. An attempt to understand the details and causes of aircraft crashes was the catalyst driving progress and technological advancement of flight recorder design. The Black Box ...

Vehicle Classification Systems

MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System from MetroCount precisely stores information of every axle of a vehicle, and with the included Traffic Executive software, provides information like the class, speed and gap of every vehicle. The MetroCount MC5600 combines state-of-the-art traffic logging hardware with powerful, yet easy-to-use software. The System includes the MC5600 Series Roadside Unit and MetroCount Traffic Executive Software as ...




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