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Panel Discussion Reinventing Public Transport

The panel discussion on ‘Reinventing Public Transport’ at Smart Mobility 2018 in Mumbai focussed on buses and its potential to cater as a main mode of transport to work as first & last mile connectivity for major mass transport infrastructure like railways & metros. The panellists were Prof HM Shivanand Swamy, Executive Director, Centre for Excellence in Urban Transport, CEPT ...

‘Public Transport is the only solution’

T Krishna Prasad, Secretary, DGP – Railways and Road Safety, Telangana State tells Vidyottama Sharma that integration of Public Transport is the most important issue in mobility. Replacing 20 cars with one bus, creating a BRTS system to carry passengers alighting from Metros and providing proper last mile connectivity are issues that need serious looking into, he says. A subject ...

Planning Smarter Cities through Accurate Data

India is  on the fast track . Metros, expressways, highways… But many a time, stations have been opened without feeder services, parking lots or  security services.  If proper traffic volume estimation is not done, it can lead to insufficient booths at toll plazas. Again traffic volume estimation is necessary for deciding the number of lanes- four or six –in highways. ...

Integrated Control Centre for Metros

What happens when a metro railway system is approved? Consider a case where a metro has three isolated lines ? Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3. The metro follows a distributed management and operational model with each line having its own signalling system. The three lines have different control centres and they operate in different manners. After approval, the ...




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