Friday , 13 December 2019

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Laser Speed Enforcement system

The PicoDigiCam® LR is a complete photo speed enforcement system that sets the bar for capturing vivid images at longer ranges. Collect indisputable evidence and stay out of harm’s way. Key Features Integrates GPS data for additional location evidence Switches easily between day/night filters; auto/manual modes Includes Share View utility; transfers data through Ethernet port for remote operation, monitoring and ...

A new generation of ITS

Tecsidel proudly introduces the ITSmartView, a new generation of Tecsidel ITS+ Software for Urban, Interurban and Tunnel management System. ITS+ is a traffic management system that covers the monitoring, control and traffic management through integration with devices and systems installed on the road. The system provides the concessionaire follow-up activities of the conditions of traffic and attention to emergency situations ...

Automated Fare Collection System for Public Transport

A broad portfolio of Mikroelektronika, a leading Czech company’s products allows for the creation of fare collection systems that suit the exact needs of each and every customer depending on the mode of transport, mode of payment, tariff policy and a whole range of other factors. Automated Fare Collection A complex fare collection system, also known as automated fare collection ...

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