Thursday , 9 April 2020

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Integrated Intelligent Transport System at Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumabi Municipal Corporation recently introduced real-time data-driven Integrated Intelligent Transport System (IITS).  As part of IITS project, Automatic Vehicle Location System/ GPS was also installed on 448 buses that make 4,000 daily trips. The system helps track the vehicles’ routes and check if they have sped away without stopping at any of the designated bus stops. Some of the ...

Navi Mumbai set to get coastal road by 2021

Maharashtra’s City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) has planned a second coastal road for Navi Mumbai that will connect Kharghar to Amra Marg at Panvel, which will also provide access to the proposed international airport in Navi Mumbai. In order to take care of nodal traffic, a service road has also been proposed alongside. This will ensure unobstructed traffic movements ...

Speed/Red Light Enforcement & Safety

The increasing traffic density on city roads is leading to Red light and Speed Violation and consequently to increased road accidents. Indian cities are trying to be Smart and Safe with the use of Video Surveillance and advanced traffic management systems. TrafficInfraTech spoke to Traffic Police officials of various states to find out the system being put in place for ...

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