Saturday , 14 December 2019

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Leveraging ICT for Road Safety

There is an inter-ministerial initiative being planned by the Central Government to enhance safety on the roads, primarily by leveraging the existing information communication technology framework. One of the main problems at present with road transportation in India is that transporters or users do not have any data on road safety for the stretch of the road that is of ...

Measuring Driver Safety Index using an Integrated Computing System

Three Research Students and one Assistant Professor from Hydrabad have developed a computing system that records the driving behaviour of drivers while they are driving. The drivers can, after the session, check at which points their driving endangered their lives and that of the others. They can thus work on those areas. Global and Indian statistics reveal that about 80% ...

Shaping the Future of Transportation

Monitoring and reporting of a vehicle’s carbon footprint in real-time can revolutionise the way we drive, manage our vehicles and affect the environment

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