Wednesday , 20 November 2019

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Shared Electric Mobility The way forward for a sustainable transport ecosystem

Nitish Arora, Manager, Electric Vehicle & Clean Technology Track and Aishwarya Raman, Head of Research and Associate Director, Ola Mobility Institute explain how shifting consumers’ focus from ownership to shared access of products and services can usher in a change It took close to 60 years for the number of registered vehicles in India to grow from 0.3 million in ...

The Success Reaffirms Expo’s Top Position

ITS, Multi-level Parking, Tolling, EVs, Mobile Apps, Safety Barriers, Security Products , Telematics, Display Systems , Breath Analysers, Reflectors… name it, I could find every solution here. What a fantastic show!” said an elated visitor after completing his rounds on the second day. The same sentiment was echoed all through the three days of the integrated twin Expos – TrafficInfraTech ...

‘Our automobile sector is doing good work’

You have been talking seriously about Electric Vehicles (EVs) and India moving towards EVs in the next ten years. Can you tell us what ground is being laid for it? Electric Mobility is bound to happen. It’s not that we have to really put in the efforts, because everybody is pointing at the way Electric Mobility will be growing in ...

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