Thursday , 20 February 2020

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Smart Cities Smart Solutions

That the Government of India’s Smart City Mission is an ambitious and impressive initiative that will create 100 plus smart cities in India is a known fact by now. That the new cities, through best use of technology, will accelerate growth and improve the quality of life of people, is also evident. But what often gets overlooked in the entire ...

An Eco-Mobility Equation

Combining the integration of Bike, Bus, Metro and Walk (BBMW) with transit-oriented development, demand management and integrated pricing schemes, the authors present an ecomobility equation which outlines how developing cities can improve their transportation network. In terms of urban development, the characteristics like extremely high population density, dramatic motorization, mixed land-use pattern, mixed traffic flow pattern, informal public transport, inefficient ...

Urban Safety: The two-wheeler phenomenon

Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director, Parisar, discusses the safety risks associated with the ever-increasing use of two wheelers in the country, and the need to improve public transport. Pune, once known as a ?cycling city? has very rapidly transformed into a ?two-wheeler? city, a process which began in the late 80s, accelerating throughout the 90s. With the turn of the century, ...

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