Friday , 21 February 2020

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Foot over bridges and pedestrian safety in Pune

The article critically examines the suitability of building foot-over bridges and the need for a change in the pedestrians’ mindset towards safety. There is also a need for the authorities to take pedestrians and safety experts into confidence while introducing new safety measures. Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable sections in the transportation scenario in Pune and most Indian ...

Urban Safety: The two-wheeler phenomenon

Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director, Parisar, discusses the safety risks associated with the ever-increasing use of two wheelers in the country, and the need to improve public transport. Pune, once known as a ?cycling city? has very rapidly transformed into a ?two-wheeler? city, a process which began in the late 80s, accelerating throughout the 90s. With the turn of the century, ...

Funds demanded to improve pedestrian amenities

Parisar, a Pune-based NGO, has approached the Urban Development Department of the Maharashtra government to issue guidelines to municipal bodies in the state to allocate enough funds for improving amenities for pedestrians such as footpaths, cycle tracks and other facilities at traffic intersections. Parisar has noted that while utilities such as streetlights, traffic signal poles, bus stops, hoardings and garbage ...

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