Monday , 18 November 2019

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‘Our penalty points are a big deterrent to traffic offenders’

Hyderabad City has taken many remarkable initiatives for road safety and traffic management. Dr V Ravinder, JCP-Traffic, Hyderabad City Traffic Police tells Preeti Swaminathan his many plans to bring a method to the madness on the roads Do tell us about some of the traffic technology initiatives adopted by the Hyderabad City Traffic Police. Hyderabad Traffic City Police is going ...

Omnitec Systems India Pvt Ltd

Parking Management System An intelligent, and environment-and-user-friendly parking management system for free and paid parking at airports, industrial installations and residential areas. Consists of entry and exit gate barriers, ticket dispensing machine, cash payment machine, access control card and card readers. The system can be programmed depending on particular parking requirements. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Parking Guidance System A dynamic parking solution which ...

TagMaster and SKIDATA Sign MOU

SKIDATA, the Swedish access solutions major, and TagMaster, a leading Swedish RFID solutions provider, have signed a MOU for integrating TagMaster XT readers with SKIDATA keytags. Applications such as parking facilitiies have been using both TagMaster RFID solutions and SKIDATA parking management equipment independently for many years. The integration of the two will now provide such applications a means to ...

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