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Impact of Temporary Parking Policy

Recently, the pollution levels in Delhi crossed severe level and people saw a thick blanket of haze and reduced visibility due to heavy smog. Nearly 24 million people live in the Delhi-NCR region and as per reports, breathing Delhi air is worse than inhaling two packs of cigarettes a day. A lot has been said about the recent parking price ...

Urban parking policy to come in effect

Madhya Pradesh will be implementing a state parking policy to ensure smooth and safe traffic in cities of the state. The objective of the urban parking policy is to increase pace of vehicles movement and making cities traffic jam-free. Parking projects will be chalked out on the basis of specific needs of various cities and would be practical and convenient for people. Under the policy, city-wise integrated parking infrastructure will be ...

BMC to allow locals to park on road

A new parking policy envisaged by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporatoin (BMC) plans on giving permits to local residents to park their vehicles on the city roads. The BMC is in the process of compiling a list of roads where residents can park vehicles on one side of the road. Residents will be issued annual parking permits, allowing them to park ...

Making Indian cities liveable through A Good Parking Policy

Global experience shows that when parking policy is designed as a travel demand management tool, it reduces car usage, congestion, air emission and fuel usage. Anumita Rowchowdhury, Executive Director of Centre for Science and Environment, writes on these issues and more. A proper parking policy can address mobility crisis in Indian cities where cars are edging out public transport, walking ...




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