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Cart Type Parking System

Suitable for all passenger cars, Cart parking is a multilevelled car parking system that is designed to park 20 to 200 cars into each parking spaced by moving vehicles automatically in all the three axes by using a lift and a parking cart. The parking cart can move independently on each parking level and retrieve vehicles from parking lots. This ...

Mini Rotary Parking System

This system is a fully automated parking system that can accommodate 8-14 cars. Normally the car is parked on ground level pallet and then it is moves/rotate to higher levels. To remove the car from its raised position, the car number or pallet number, need to be entered and the system recognizes the car`s present position & rotates in a ...

Tower type Parking System

Suitable for all passenger cars, Tower Parking is a fully automated parking system, where a separate tower/building is constructed only for parking space that can accommodate 20 to 60 cars. The system mainly comprises of vertical columns, a lift for vertical movement of vehicles and pallets for horizontal movement. The car usually enters the building/parking space through the entrance room ...

Intelligent parking search solutions from BMW

Intelligent solutions from BMW have repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of connected vehicles. One major sub-cluster of connected vehicle technology for BMW is Connected Navigation, where the RTTI Real-Time Traffic Information system is already helping drivers cope more effectively, more safely and more conveniently with today’s driving challenges by providing them with accurate early warning of congestion and hold-ups and informing ...

New camera-based parking system in Philadelphia

Parkway Inc, a US based parking system manufacturer, has installed Park Assist, a new camera based parking system at its Liberty Place car park in Philadelphia, USA. Park Assist?s ‘Find Your Car’ feature enables drivers to locate vehicles by entering their licence plate numbers on a touch-screen kiosk. Drivers can also avail of this feature on their smartphones using Park ...




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