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Road Safety Today: The dynamic epoch

Avery Dennison, the silver partner at the event believes that road safety is no accident and needs focused measures at all levels. Road Safety is everybody’s responsibility. The same was presented the technical session at the exhibition. The persistent issues of around road safety negligence were highlighted, trailed by practical solutions that can contribute to a reduction in road accidents ...

Road Safety Initiatives

Maharashtra traffic police will soon be armed with high-tech equipment to tackle cases of drink driving and speeding. The department will get 32 vehicles, 90 speed guns, 658 breath analysers (alco-meters), 2,070 body-worn cameras and 425 car dashboard cameras, among other. The speed guns and alco-meters will be used on the state highway and expressways, along with Mumbai and other ...

Govt to collect data of road accidents in real-time

The government has finally kicked off the process to collect details of road accidents in realtime and their causes as it is done in developed countries. The IT-based system for capturing accident data from across the country will have a mobile-app that can send alerts to the authorities for taking action. With financial and technical assistance from the World Bank, ...

Road Safety Awareness Competition at KC College

TrafficInfraTech Expo in association with Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) is organizing Road Safety Awareness Competition for Mumbai Colleges. Venue: KC College of Research and Engineering

Road Safety Awareness Competition

TrafficInfraTech Expo in association with Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) is organising Road Safety Awareness Competition for Mumbai Colleges. Venue: ML Dahanukar College of Commerce, Vile Parle, Mumbai  

Bending the Curve

On average, two people die on Mumbai’s roads owing to traffic crashes every day. The city ranks seventh in the country in terms of absolute numbers of road traffic fatalities. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are most vulnerable, and are involved in more than 90 percent of all road traffic fatalities. Young working populations – mostly men – are particularly affected. ...

AI: Transforming the Transportation Ecosystem

AI is any behaviour that is apparently intelligent carried out by machines rather than the kinds of natural intelligence. Forms of problem solving and even ‘learning’ in a sense are often considered artificial intelligence. Examples of successful AI include machines that can understand human speech, drive cars etc. AI: Optimizing Infrastructure for Cities The concept of artificial intelligence goes all ...

Karnataka schools to have road safety lessons from 2019

State government and aided & unaided schools in Karnataka will have lessons on road safety from the academic year 2019- 20. The Primary and Secondary Education Department has given the go-ahead to incorporate the same in the school syllabus. Teachers will undergo a specialised capacity building training on road safety. Institute of Road Traffic Education, New Delhi, will conduct the ...




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