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Volvo to add in-car sensors

Swedish automaker Volvo hopes to install cameras and sensors in its cars from the early 2020s, monitoring drivers for signs of being drunk or distracted and intervening to prevent accidents. The cameras and sensors will be installed on all models built on its SPA2 platform for larger cars such as the XC90 SUV, on which its driverless cars will also ...

Bosch India strengthens its beyond mobility solutions

Bosch, a leading supplier of technology and services, continues to give boost to its beyond mobility business with smart solutions based on growing infrastructure and consumer demand. “Our business is in a process of profound transformation from a hardware focus to models that focus more on services and data. We have the capability to develop greenfield technology that can power ...

Physical Internet

Physical Internet’ by itself is not a technology – it is an innovative concept making use of the emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Robotics, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial intelligence, Advanced Analytics Algorithm, Big Data Analysis, etc. and, the concept of Digital Internet for moving physical objects from one place to another in a faster ...

Providing Smart Vehicle Parking Management System

What are the key solutions offered by JAAN Innovations? JAAN Innovations has developed the Image Processing and IOT based platform, which can be used for many applications (e.g Retail, Perimetry Security etc). However, currently we are concentrating on Smart Vehicle Parking Management System. For this we offer our H/W Platform, cloud-based S/W Platform and Mobile App. This Parking Management System ...

WIM Sensors

Double-Length Lineas from Kistler is a state-of-the-art sensor for Weigh-In- Motion applications. It is fully compatible with the previous version (Type 9195E… with length 0.75 m or 1m). However, one sensor row covering a traffic lane consists of only two sensors instead of four. Due to the new length (1.5 m, 1.75 m or 2m), sensor installation and cable routing can be done faster and more easily; as ...




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