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Bringing together the who’s who of the transportation sector

I have been attending this expo for the last three years. The initiative taken by the organizer is commendable, bringing together traffic and road safety players under one roof. I can see, there is huge improvement in terms of footfall and the number of exhibitors in this expo. –T Krishna Prasad IPS,  DGP & Chairman, Road Safety Authority, Telangana   ...

Electronic Tolling Strategies for Indian Highways

Tolling has been a very, debatable issue as far as the road and road users are concerned. This is an area which probably in not liked by the users but then if you want good roads, the cost of good roads has to be borne by somebody. The idea of tolling is very simple that the stretches which are being ...

Need for Standards and Uniformity

Balraj Bhanot, Management Consultant, Chairman TEDC (BIS), Former Director ARAI and Chairman CMVR-TSC writes on the need for standardization in ITS technology Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a wide field, and today, there is no single ownership to the subject in the country. The subject of ITS cuts across various ministries of the government like Transportation, Communication, Railways, Civil Aviation, ...

Smart Tolling

In a bid to decrease time spent by vehicles at toll plazas on highways and reduce congestion, the Government of India launched an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) programme last year across 25 toll plazas on the Mumbai-Delhi arm of Golden Quadrilateral. The ETC system, named ‘FASTag’, is an advanced programme for making payment electronically at highway toll plazas without stopping ...

Vadodara Bharuch toll plaza

Toll plazas are one of the most neglected forms of contemporary architecture even though millions of people use it every day; some to cross territories and others for employment. When the Vadodara Bharuch toll plaza was to be built on NH 8 in Gujarat, the client wanted to create a new bench mark in the toll plaza industry. This led ...

Envoys Electronics

Toll Lane Light 200mm diameter LED-based Traffic Light mountable on poles. Synchronised with lane barrier for entry of vehicles. Low power consumption with night dimming. IP 65 protection for LED kit. High quality polycarbonate clear lens. Available in AC and DC versions. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– User Fare / Patron Fare Display A compact, LED based alpha-numerical display with choice of single / ...

Samarth Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Toll Collection System Complete solution for toll collection in three versions: Basic system, semi-automatic system and fully automatic system.


Lineas Quartz Sensor Type 9195F A quartz sensor to measure the wheel and axle loads, and to determine the vehicle gross weight under rolling traffic conditions. Excellent long-term stability with wide measuring range: slow to high-speed. Very high natural frequency and signal dynamic. Adaptive to different pavement characteristics. Applications include overload detection, weight dependent tolling and pavement management sstems.

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