Wednesday , 22 January 2020

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Axle-count System

RoadPod VT from Metrocount is the latest model that can record up to four million axle hits, continuously for five years, before requiring a battery change or data download. Very easy to install and remove, pneumatic tubes are the most effective and economical way to collect short term traffic data. The RoadPod VT system, in particular, is also known for ...

Smart Signal Control Strategy

During the past two-three decades developed countries experienced major technological developments in traffic control. Sadly, their established traffic signal optimization proved ineffective and very expensive for changing the infrastructure in developing countries. The big percentage of two and three-wheelers and especially the non-lane based behaviour make the correct detection of traffic demand with conventional loop or video sensors very difficult, ...

Traffic data collection and road safety

Harpeet Singh, Managing Partner of AJS Scale International says his company does not face any problem integrating its traffic and parking products as it has associates that solve all the integration related challenges What are the key solutions offered by your company? Most of the ITS products being used in India have been introduced by us over time since 1989 ...

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