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Relating different types of (traffic) data

The initial procurement of traffic data by NDW in 2009 provided speed measurements, travel times and vehicle counts with vehicle categorization measured on approximately 24.000 locations throughout the country on the main road network and a number of provincial roads. The network of measurements has expanded over the years to include higher coverage on provincial roads and main urban roads, ...

Need for Quality Traffic Data in India

Traffic Survey is a very small profile in the Infrastructure Industry, but indeed plays a vital role in deciding the success of an entire project. All major Infrastructure projects starts with planning and traffic data is the main input for the planning process. This shows how important the traffic data is and its need for accuracy. There are different Data ...

Black Box

Legal precedent promotes a new school of thought on admissible traffic data. Back in 1939, Fran├žois Hussenot and Paul Beaudouin developed an intuitive machine to record a continuous stream of pictures in an aircraft. An attempt to understand the details and causes of aircraft crashes was the catalyst driving progress and technological advancement of flight recorder design. The Black Box ...

Companies entering India – Modeling System to predict traffic

An Italian company, SISTeMA, is introducing OPTIMA ? a traffic predictive modelling system in India and hopes to make a difference in the way our traffic is managed In an effort to manage traffic better, accurate forecasts on traffic are becoming the order of the day the world over. SISTeMA, a PTV Group Company which is an academic spin-off of ...




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