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Intelligent Cameras for Traffic Management

With increased urbanization and increased vehicular traffic, cities everywhere are battling with an inability to build enough infrastructure. While the government has been laying emphasis on building roads, bridges & underpasses and creating alternative modes of mass public transport systems, this may not be enough to address the traffic congestion. Traffic management has always posed a challenge in India and ...

Handheld Lidar Devices

Designed to be the new leader in law enforcement speed measurement, hand-held Lidar is rugged, lightweight and easy to use. It’s the Lidar that’s a perfect fit for your traffic monitoring and enforcement needs. Capture speed data for real-time reporting and upload remotely to save enforcement session data.

iDS-tcm203-A High Performance ANPR Bullet Camera

Superiority • Dedicated camera for ANPR • HD resolution • Integrated IR • Professional shutter speed control • Built-in ANPR engine, equipped with deep learning algorithm Application • Vehicle control • Traffic monitoring • Toll collection • Security Scenarios • Tunnel • Toll station • Urban road • Parking Entrance Smart function • Support vehicle model classification(customized) • Support colour ...

Multi-Lane Traffic Monitoring

The RoadPod VP continuously records every axle passing over its sensors, offering the highest level of detail for a permanent monitoring solution. Designed for multi-lane traffic monitoring, the system can easily merge data into MTE traffic reports. Embedded in the pavement, piezoelectric strips are a low-profile solution for continuous traffic data collection. Our proprietary installation techniques reduce friction to ensure ...

Rajdeep Info Techno
Offering advanced solutions for Traffic Monitoring

As the Highways continue to develop, the scale of traffic monitoring operations has also grown. The data collected through monitoring equipment needs reliable system backbone With the development of new technologies like Hybrid ETC (Fast Tag), MSWIM, Video Incident Detection, ANPR, etc and deployment of these in toll plazas have brought in better reliability in toll management system. Induction of ...


MetroCount’s RoadPod VL works smoothly both out-of-box or when connected to pre-installed loops. Due to their modular design, these counters have no limitation on the number of lanes of traffic that can be monitored. They record detailed data, such as individual vehicle speed, length and the gap between vehicles. Storing information at this level makes data manipulation very flexible. In addition ...

DATA COLLECTION Improving Traffic Flow

As a global leader in the traffic data collection and analysis field, Australian company Metro Count works closely with road managers to develop intelligent traffic monitoring programs. A recent project in the picturesque Swiss Alps provided an interesting model for the application of traffic data with insight that is relevant in an Indian context. The Canton of Fribourg takes a ...

Hi-tech traffic system for Agra

Agra is among the most visited tourist destinations in the world. To make the City roads free of congestion. The traffic police department is in the process of setting up a modern control room (MCR) to roll out the proposed integrated traffic management system (ITMS) and smart city surveillance system (SCSS) for monitoring traffic better and catch offenders of traffic ...




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