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ARS T&TT: Intelligent Mobility Systems

Traffic Management: The System integrates multiple technologies to ensure smooth flow of traffic. The Traffic Management System, with the help of a Centralized Control Centre and complementary technologies, continuously monitors roads/highways with an objective to support authorities to take actions that can enhance traffic flows, ensure road safety and improves economic productivity. The Data Warehousing and Analysis Services ensure that ...

Mega Highway Plan

As far as the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is concerned the sweep of it’s mandate is very wide. It was exactly one year back on October 24, 2017, that a plan was put in place to develop close to 35,000kms of National Highways as part of Bharatmala in addition to the roads which were taken up under various ...

Electronic Tolling Strategies for Indian Highways

Tolling has been a very, debatable issue as far as the road and road users are concerned. This is an area which probably in not liked by the users but then if you want good roads, the cost of good roads has to be borne by somebody. The idea of tolling is very simple that the stretches which are being ...

Challenges in Project Execution- Highway Sector

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has set an ambitious target of constructing 45 kilometres of highways on every day of this financial year. However, several factors have slowed this ideal rate of construction down to just 23 kilometres per day. As one of India’s biggest highway project executing companies, Ashoka Buildcon has an insider’s perspective on the present ...




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