Friday , 21 February 2020

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IoT- Redefining Logistics

Whether manufacturing, retail, distribution, or shipping, planning and managing the flow of raw materials and finished goods through the supply chain is a challenge. Materials are often improperly shipped or stored, which can damage sensitive goods. Plus, the sheer size and capacity of a large operation can lead to disorganization in a manufacturing warehouse or distribution facility. A few years ...

Innovations to enable better Urban Mobility

Transportation contributes 5-10% of the GDP in most countries and plays the key role in poverty reduction, inclusive growth, and sustainable development. It is therefore a key aspect of any city development. Like all other markets, even the transportation sector is undergoing transformational changes driven by technological advances, new business models, and new ways of engaging highly empowered citizens. Transportation ...

Video Surveillance Solution for Transportation Sector

With public security threats at an all-time high, security cameras on buses and subways can help protect innocent citizens from terrorist attacks and help maintain a safe and secure transportation environment. India’s transport sector is large and diverse; it caters to the needs of 1.1 billion people. The major security challenges in this vertical are faced due to unorganized infrastructure ...

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