Wednesday , 16 October 2019

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Road Courtesy campaign in Vadodara

After conducting an intense drive for ensuring that people follow traffic rules in Vadodara city, the police launched a Road Courtesy campaign. The cops want to educate citizens in basic driving discipline, especially during peak hours when busy roads are packed with vehicles. The objective is to train citizens on maintaining safe distance, especially from big vehicles to avoid accident ...

Smart Transport System for Mumbai

The Maharashtra government plans to develop an intelligent traffic management system for Mumbai for better traffic management and controlling the speed of vehicles. The plan is to replicate the system across Maharashtra. The system would study driving habits of motorists, kinds of traffic offences and traffic pattern. The transport authorities can analyse these and develop a customised system to prevent ...

Smart Tolling

In a bid to decrease time spent by vehicles at toll plazas on highways and reduce congestion, the Government of India launched an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) programme last year across 25 toll plazas on the Mumbai-Delhi arm of Golden Quadrilateral. The ETC system, named ‘FASTag’, is an advanced programme for making payment electronically at highway toll plazas without stopping ...

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