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Tuesday , 9 August 2022

The Success Reaffirms Expo’s Top Position

I had a very good experience. This is very useful for Bombay Traffic Police. Every time you organize such a conference we would like to be here.

Subhash Gaikwad
Police Sub Inspector (Mumbai Traffic Police)

It is the first time that I have participated in TrafficInfraTech Expo. This was an opportunity to talk to people in the industry with whom we rarely get an opportunity to talk about gender and social norms,cultural constraints and how we can bring women into transport. I think it was a very useful forum,and I would suggest that more such opportunities are created.

Meenu Vadera
Founder- Sakha Consulting Wings Pvt. Ltd (Women On Wheels)

It has been a fantastic experience being part of the “Women on Traffic” session of the Conference on gender issues and women’s empowerment need to be mainstreamed. There is no point of us talking about something and all the other traffic people talking about what we call as the hard issues. I think that one needs to bring these together and so I was very pleased to see that a larger number of panellists were women and a larger number of audiences were men. These are the men who are working in the transport sector in the government, in companies, in the start-up technology. I really look forward to the conference next year too.

Kalpana Vishwanath
Director, Safetipin

The show is fantastically done. From the exhibition perspective, there is a cross section of technologies being presented which is important when somebody comes to a Show like this. From the conference perspective, the subjects are very good, forward looking and thought provoking in many ways, which sets a stage to a dialogue with the stakeholders. These are the things which I liked the most. From the technological stand point, when you are designing something, this is one place where you were able to interact with every set of service provider and be able to see such solutions being delivered.

Vivek Orga
Director-Technology & Innovation,
Vbsoft India Limited

I am very impressed by the Expo. I should say I have attended a lot of such events but this expo was very systematically organized, right from the cafeteria to the conference. A lot of international participation also contributed greatly. I look forward to Traffic Infra Tech Expo next year too!!

Ashish Shukla
Conseillere Inde Junior, Indo-French
Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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