Friday , 14 August 2020

Bringing together the who’s who of the transportation sector

This Expo is a great initiative to bring together elected officials, planners, solution providers and researchers under one roof. It should not be just about research and development, but along with that, comes deployment of technologies and solutions. This is a two-way conversation where users provide feedback which will be crucial during upgradation of solutions.
Shashi Nambisan,
Executive Director-Alabama Transportation Institute,  USA


The future of mobility is depended on 7 Cs: Common, Clean, Connected, Congestion- free, Charged and Cuttingedge technologies. Technology plays a very key role in every aspect of our lives. And it is good to see that we are looking at solutions which are backed by AI and Machine Learning. We are using these emerging technologies and, we need to use them more effectively and efficiently across all sectors. We have a lot of hope in the millennial and, we expect our young, tech-savvy Indians to take this baton forward.

Expo’s like these are not just platforms for showcasing technology and products but are an umbrella for government entities and private players to come together and brainstorm on the requirements of the market and the policy makers to streamline mobility in the country.
Harkiran Sanjeevi,
Deputy Director General, Niti Aayog

A good mix of participants makes an Expo successful. This is what I had witnessed at this exhibition for example, I saw companies in traffic management system, driver behavior system and monitoring system. Also, I was happy to witness a good amount of representation from the traffic police department from various states. This shows the importance of the Expo. I think there is need for integration with the local enforcement authorities and that’s what this Expo has done it.
– Kaushik Madhavan,
VP- Mobility Practice, Frost & Sullivan South Asia

As far as Expo is concerned, I find it very helpful and useful. This expo had a mix bag of carefully chosen companies which were relevant to the theme. For networking it’s a right compact environment.
– Tony Mathew,
 Principal Transport Specialist, Transport Research Laboratory


I am very delighted to be here at this exhibition. This expo has successfully brought together various technology companies, enforcement officials, planning and road engineers. We have interacted with many companies, mainly on enforcement implementation in our cities.
– Gugulloth Lakshman,
IGP- Social Policing & Traffic, Kerala


This expo is a good platform for both the authorities and stakeholders involved in traffic management to know and learn about the technologies available, mitigate the traffic violation and to manage the traffic efficiently. So it’s a good platform for the solution providers to explain their available solutions to the appropriate authorities who can take into account and implement those solutions in the real world to benefit the citizens.
– Vivekraj Selvarathinam,
Technical Regulation & Homologation Vehicle Regulations LTL, Renault Nissan Technology

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