Monday , 24 February 2020

Traffic Management Solutions for Gurugram

Traffic Police in collaboration with Municipal Corporation of Gurugram will be installing a high-resolution camera along the MG Road and NH-8 to identify traffic violations such as speeding and road accidents.

The system will be equipped with software that recognises number plates and will also record a photo for cross checks. Since font and indentation of number plates in the country are not standardised, the software is expected to be self-learning to identify different fonts and models.

A video wall will be also set up in the control room where the feed will be monitored. The traffic police are also exploring options of using artificial intelligence (AI) based software, which can identify violations or accidents caught on the feed. The highways will also have variable message screens at intervals to display messages for commuters.

The project is expected to start in three months, and should take two-three months to complete.

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