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Thursday , 11 August 2022

Traffic violators to be caught by 3D radars

In order to automatically detect and prosecute traffic violators, Delhi Police is procuring devices that are equipped with 3D radar technology and non-intrusive sensors that can capture many vehicles running at the same time. Trial run of the devices has begun at a few road junctions. Each location will also require 12 highdefinition cameras to be installed for the devices with this unique technology to automatically read number plates.

The technology will enable determining the speed of the vehicles and recording stop-line and lane violations. It will detect improper parking too. The data with the date, time, site and the GPS location of the violation will be recorded in logs doing away with present practice of cameras mounted on parked speed interceptor vehicles. Important 100 locations in Delhi will get the new systems.

After the camera captured the violation, a photograph of the vehicle with its owner will be developed also sent to the violator at his registered address along with a notice. He/ she will then be required to reach a traffic court to pay the fine. The system will help get rid of the practice of traffic police issuing violation notices which come to over 3000 a day. They will also not have to stop the violator as the notices will now reach the registered addresses of the traffic offender.

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