Saturday , 7 December 2019


Dr-Sreejith-Narayanan“The Expo was very informative”

Dr Sreejith Narayanan
Associate Vice President, IL & FS Transportation Networks Limited

“TrafficInfrfaTech expo covered a wide range of innovative products for traffic management and safety. A show like this creates a lot of awareness, brings all the concerned agencies together and offers a platform for networking and knowledge sharing. In fact, the entire event was informative and more technology oriented which is a step in the right direction. I congratulate the organizers for providing a platform for the Indian traffic industry”.

“Right platform to meet right technology providers”

MB-BajulgeMB Bajulge
Managing Director,
Elsamex Maintenance Services Ltd

The Elsamex MD was happy with the show. “The Expo was a right platform to get the right traffic solutions and also meet the right technology providers. It helped exhibitors to get to know the latest traffic technology”. Elsamex, a subsidiary of IL&FS, operates and maintains the highways & tolling booths and handles the integration of border check-posts, “Our solutions are cost-effective and easy to implement. Since the government should look at new technologies that save natural resources, micro-surfacing is a good option as it is an environment-friendly technique that allows opening up of the road for traffic in an hour’s time. The cold-recycling technique also saves natural resources and strengthens the pavements”.

SamarthCharanjit Kaur Nanda, the Mayor of Amravati, found solutions to many problems faced by her city, at the Expo, “We face severe problems of parking in Amravati city — we do not have enough space for parking four wheelers and two wheelers. I am very impressed with the technologies displayed at the expo. We will certainly implement those in our city”.

Hasan Naqvi, Chief General Manager – Road Safety Cell, NHAI, was happy to be at the show. He said, “I feel the TrafficInfraTech Expo has done a great job with regard to exposing the road users and other delegates to various systems and technologies for road safety and traffic management. The expo and seminar have surely enlightened all the delegates and exhibitors. The systems, technology, software and the solutions displayed at the Expo will definitely be implemented by us for solving the issues pertaining to traffic management and safety”.

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