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While in this issue we are giving details on the discussions on Infrastructure Funding, our subsequent issues will carry information on the rest of the presentations and discussions.

So, the fifth edition of TrafficInfraTech was a successful event that took further the commitment of the organisers – that of seamless mobility with zero fatality rate. We have always made efforts to provide platforms for stakeholders to meet, interact, discuss and associate and with this heartwarming response, we will continue to do so for a long time.

Ralf-Peter-SchaeferRalf-Peter Schaefer
VP-Traffic and Travel, TOM TOM

At the TrafficInfraTech Expo, we wanted to show our portfolios, particularly our maps and traffic solutions for the benefit of the citizens of India. We wanted to show the way we can help businesses and governments to analyse the congestion level and deploy applications to manage and control road traffic in a better way. The expo is a good platform to look for partners, system integrators and governments who can deploy our technology for traffic congestion management in Smarter Cities.

We are in phase-II of deploying our Real-time traffic solution in 50 markets globally. Our solution has big advantage. We use GPS enabled devices from smart phones and fleet management taxis. We are bringing our technology to India.

From the desk of the Chairman


Jayaraman Nair
Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd

Right since 2011, when we launched TrafficInfraTech Expo, Virtual Info Systems has been striving to bring all the stakeholders on one platform to exchange information, knowledge and business cards in order to make our surface, rail and now water and air transport safe, secure and smart.

With a strong government at the Centre and its focused approach, the vision of smart cities has been taking shape very well. In this scenario, it goes without saying that smart mobility will become a basic right of our nation’s citizenry. Safe and well-constructed roads, hi-end trains and technology driven mobility will have to be the order of the day.

You have been our strong partners throughout this journey of five editions of TrafficInfraTech Expo and six anniversaries of TrafficInfraTech magazine. We look forward to strengthening our bond further as we endeavor to raise contemporary issues through our various platforms and have them addressed by the ministries and other decision-making and enforcement agencies.

Do continue to walk with us. We have much more in store for you in the coming months and years.

Be Safe. Be Smart.

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