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Wednesday , 19 January 2022


“ITS is very important for free-flow of Traffic”

Speaking to TrafficInfraTech magazine, Sunil Sharma, Principal Secretary, Transport, Roads & Buildings Department, Government of Telangana said:

We are ensuring that the people follow the traffic rules: use of seat-belts and helmets are enforced. Both drunken driving and use of cell phone while driving is banned. For this, we have an Apex Committee which reviews the performance of the various departments to ensure road safety. Recently we have issued a government order regarding penalty points for the people who violate the road conditions. So, if a person accumulates penalty points, the person’s license can be suspended for a period of one year or two years or three years.

Another initiative of Telangana government is a film on Road Safety which make an emotional appeal to people. The film is almost ready. It tells the story of a person who does not follow road safety norms and ultimately meets with a fatal accident.


ITS is very important to ensure that there is a free-flow of traffic and at the same time the commuters do not face any problems. It also ensures that they take more to the public transport in the city so that there is less of congestion.

Now, for the RTC buses, we have ensured that there is online transmission of information about the bus availability, booking of the buses and the exact location of the bus, so that the people can plan their travel.

We are planning to tie-up the metro rail with buses and with the taxis to ensure that there is a single ticket system for all the three, making things easy for the commuters to take to public transport. At the same time, we are also encouraging taxis which can be booked online, and the taxis are available at doorstep. We are also putting in place Vehicle Tracking System to inform about road congestion and route suggestions.

Both the Expos are very impressive. The Organisers have taken a lot of steps to ensure that intelligent traffic systems are propagated in the cities. Some of the innovations shown are really good, it will improve the flow of the traffic and also reduce the accidents which is very important. And the most important thing is that with a little bit of intervention, ITS can prevent major accidents and major disasters.

Abhay Damle, Joint Secretary (Transport), Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in his Special address at the seminar on the second day emphasized on the fact that shared mobility will gain more importance in the future. “Future is all about mobility. We need to reduce our dependence on private vehicles”. Citing a report by an international expert, and stressing the rising importance of shared mobility, he said, “Within four to five years the concept of personal car owners will disappear. The entire eco-system of taxis is becoming more efficient. It is providing a wholesome experience today. We have to remember that technology cannot be regulated in real-time. While taking decisions to cap the licenses for auto rickshaws and taxis, the state has to keep in mind that shared mobility leads to less congestion, more employment and less pollution”. Damle emphasized the need to carry more passengers per square feet of roads in order to make utilization of roads more effective.

Praising the shows, he said, “These are very important forums for exchange and flow of knowledge to the practical side. There is a progressive approach in traffic and transport sectors today and a lot of new things regarding these were visible at the show”.


The various partners of the shows expressed happiness at associating with the TrafficInfraTech brand, given the visit of the VIPs that they had expected. While Ador Powerton was the Platinum Partner, Kent ITS, Swarco, Trafitek and Magnetic Auto Control Pvt Ltd were the Gold Partners for the twin shows. Dahua Technology was the Silver and Bag Partner, SIEMENS the seminar partner, Datacorp Traffic the Badge Partner and HIKVision the Lanyard Partner.

Said Ravin Mirchandani, Chairman of Ador Powerton, “We are showcasing our VMS on gantries, poles, trailers and on vehicles. We have also displayed our ANPR cameras and Defence cameras which can detect at least five-kilometer radius during the daytime and three kilometers at night time. We exclusively represent our partners KSI Global’s roller crash barriers for highways and Steur-Egghe’s Crash Attenuators in India. We are pleased to be part of TrafficInfraTech Expo at Hyderabad. Thanks to the Expo, we got many projects including large fulfilments in Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune, and hope to get many more Smart Cities in 2018”.

Sandeep Pawar, Managing Director, Kent Intelligent Transport Systems Pvt Ltd expressed his happiness thus: “We are happy to participate in TrafficInfraTech Expo for the fourth year in a row. Initially, we were apprehensive about the venue but we were proved wrong. We received good response from the NHAI authorities for our ‘Make in India’ products”..

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