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Tuesday , 9 August 2022



The exhibitors, both national and international, had a lot to say on their association with TrafficInfraTech. Old or new exhibitors, most of them praised the quality visitors. A few also launched some of their products for the first time at the show. Innovation Hub, specially created for start-ups at the venue, proved beneficial to many. The international exhibitors expressed happiness at the response they received at the show and expressed a desire to return next year. Rich Choi of ETI, Korea; Ricky D’souza of Laser Technology, INC, the USA; Dr -Ing Gerhard Ploss; and Keke Xiao, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Overseas Department, Dianming, China expressed happiness at having participated at the two shows &; the response they received, and said they will be participating the next year too.

Said Maurice Berger, TechnicalSales Expert, Microcom PTY Ltd/ A Metrocount , Australia: “We are an Australian company and we have been working in India for more than ten years, supplying traffic monitoring systems. We deal with many clients and TrafficInfraTech Expo is the best place for us to be in contact with our clients in one location to explain what we do and find out from them what they do. Of course we also met new clients at TrafficInfraTech. We have been coming here since the start many years ago and we come every year. It’s a great avenue for us to be in direct touch with our clients. Our equipment, using rubber tubes, provides the NHAI, the Ministry of Road Transport and other organisations with traffic counts, classification and speed of every vehicle. It classifies the traffic according to the Indian classification scheme. It is a simple system but requires very accurate installation. and we provide that support. Our newest equipment, the RoadPod VT 5900, has increased memory — four times what the previous equipment had, fast download speed and a battery life of four to five years. We have been working with many companies in India from Hyderabad and down south to Delhi and Kolkata, providing very good equipment and good support directly out of the Australian market”.

Maurice added, “TrafficInfraTech Expo is a very good forum for us and we are very happy to be here again. We have been attending its conferences from the beginning and I am sure we will continue to do so. We appreciate the assistance we have been getting from TrafficInfraTech and we look forward to doing more business here. It has been great”.

Michael Hirsh, Regional Director – India, Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd: “Ours is an intel company and we are based in Jerusalem, Israel. We have been very encouraged by what we have seen here. We began operations here, in India, a little over a year ago, at the beginning of last year and we are now very much on the commercial footing. What we have done is we have taken the core technologies in autonomous driving development. Mobileye Intel is leading the autonomous driving development in the world and is actually determined to make this a commercial reality in 2021. But along the way there are also some technologies that we can take advantage of and we have done that already in India to fantastic effect. That is to say that we have taken the sensing technologies that allow to determine what is in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle and we have seen astounding results in places that people could not believe would happen. That is to say that in Delhi, Bombay, and Bangalore can you have collision avoidance? And the answer is: Absolutely yes”.

Paul Poh, Carlo Gavazzi Automation Singapore Pte Ltd, Italy said “It is our first time here, so far our experience has been good. We have a very good diversity of customers as they have been from authorities, from private sector, from designers, consultants. It has been very fruitful for us. We are happy”.

Keke Xiao, Regional Sales Director- Asia Pacific Overseas Dept., Shenzhen Dianming Tech Co Ltd said, “Shenzhen has been into this industry for more than 20 years. We are into traffic management solutions including HTMS, ATMS and VMS. In India, we are providing our services for more than eight years. Here, we are looking for exclusive partner. TrafficInfraTech Expo is a good platform where we meet consultants, constructors, end-users and the system integrators. We have had a few fruitful meetings with the system integrators during the show. In the coming years, we hope to do much more good business in this country”

S Vijayram, Regional Head, Tedra Automotive Solutions Pvt Ltd said that they participated for the first time and received very good response. “Earlier we were representing through Kinetic Hyundai Elevator & Escalator. Now, we have been independently marketing our products in other places as well. We are not only supplying the products on our own but we also manufacture the products for other companies. So, these parking systems, by and large, will generally be installed in the basement depending on the number of car parks. Most of our systems are working in hydraulic base systems and we have an independent parking system available with us. Apart from that, where there is space constraint in a city like Mumbai, a tower parking can be used which provides space for a 50-car or 60-car parking arrangement. We have participated for the first time in this expo, and had a great response from everyone”.

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