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Wednesday , 17 August 2022

TrafficInfraTech Expo 2012 Successful Eventful Bountiful

The visitors came from fields that are related to traffic. They included secretaries and joint secretaries of ministries, Police Heads and Traffic Police Heads from various cities, representatives of consulates, infrastructure companies, developers, road marking companies, municipal corporations, government bodies, traffic lighting companies, advisors/counselors, electrical companies, system integrators, hospitals, multiplexes, security companies, ITS providers, fire protection companies, product manufacturers and packaging companies, etc.

The exhibitors and visitors were happy alike. Some of the exhibitors were very happy with the way the show was organised and the quality of visitors it attracted. Said Vinay Jain, Managing Director, Mass Trans Pvt Ltd, “The Show has been really well organised. We have got a wide range of products – VMS signs, solar trailer signs, cameras, parking solutions. We used to think that the demand for ITS solutions is only on highways and other big roads. But I was pleasantly surprised when we had visitors who wanted ITS solutions in private parking areas, corporate parking lots and ports. So it looks the possibilities are limitless.” Jain added, “The show has been fantastic for us because we got some really good enquiries. For the next Show, I have already told your Managing Director that we need a stall up front. And again, all our overseas partners will be joining us.”

Rajaram Subramaniam, Chief Operating Officer, Metalmeccanica Fracasso India Pvt Ltd, a repeat exhibitor, had the experience that Shrimali spoke of – meeting representatives of different important authorities. He was all praise for the show. “We had benefited with the show last year and this year also, the response has been good. People came from different Authorities in Mumbai. I would say the exposure is better as compared to last year. It is a good experience as we are getting to see a lot of people from different segments here. Seeing many infrastructure products under one roof obviously has been a customers’ delight. Fracasso has been a pioneer in metal crash barriers in the world for a long time. This time we are bringing the test-tube barriers because normal safety barriers in India (called metal crash barriers) are quite primitive in today’s context as they are about 30 years old. These crash barriers are very good for safety and have been followed worldwide. We are also introducing the noise barriers here. These products have interested a lot of different authorities like MCGM, MMRDA and MSRDC. I think it’s a good forum for us to exhibit and start up with. I think we need a showcase platform and this is a good forum.”

Ravi Shankar, General Manager, Magnetic Auto Control, another repeat exhibitor, said he had found the first TrafficInfraTech Show very useful and the second Show too proved to be good for them. “Congratulations on putting up another fine show,” he said. “You have different kind of exhibitors – you have OEMs like us, system integrators, solution providers and service providers. It has been a great opportunity for us to showcase our products to our end users and system integrators. It is a great opportunity when they come and evaluate our products. We have been signing up orders here for our projects. Generally we have to go to customers at their offices but it is very nice when they come here one after another and want to discuss business with us. TrafficInfraTech is targeted towards people in the traffic business. We definitely look forward to participating in the next edition of the Expo in Delhi in 2013.”

Amit Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Rajdeep Info Techno Pvt Ltd (an ISO 9001 company into toll collection and toll management) said, “The facilities at the Expo are very nice. It has been organised in a very professional manner. In fact, we have put up a complete toll lane on display, simulating the actual conditions that happen in a toll plaza. We have showcased at this Expo the main component of the toll plaza – the automatic vehicle classifier which is a CE certified product. Shows like this help because they bring companies such as concessionaires to us. For concessionaires, toll collection systems are very important. It also helps us to know what other people are doing, what our competitors are doing, whether there are vendors with whom we can tie up with, etc. Thus, it is a good platform for networking.”

3M India was again a repeat exhibitor. Pawan Kumar Singh, its General Manager – Traffic Safety Systems Division, was happy with the Show. “In a country like India where infrastructure is in its nascent stage, this kind of platforms are required where people can interact with each other, understand the problems, know the view of various types of customers and then come up with the solutions. Anything and everything which is happening in Europe and the US may not be applicable to India. So understanding the customers and their problems, particularly which are India-specific, is critical. Such platforms give you that opportunity. In such shows we meet various stakeholders of the industry. It’s a great opportunity to interact with them and improve ourselves.”

Jogesh Sehdeva, Managing Director, Ajiveena Exports Ltd, another repeat exhibitor said, “These kind of shows are good for promotion. As people come here, we get a chance to meet them and to know them & their products. We are able to compare our products with others and the target for the next show is – we have to improve on whatever other things are being displayed. As TrafficInfraTech has a name in the market, we do not have general visitors here – only trade specific visitors come here and that’s the best part of the show. We are getting specific people and specific enquiries.”

He added, “We are offering safety options in the form of reflective materials in different formations for use on the highways/roads since over nine years. We are associated with Reflomax. We have now also shaken hands with another counter-part of ours – Reflomax Turkey. They make safety products of very high quality. We have received very good response for that here – people are appreciating the idea of getting this European product in the Indian market. Mr Mathew from Reflomax Korea and Yuksey & Suleman from Everluz Turkey are here too.”

Terry Bergan, President and CEO, International Road Dynamics (IRD) Inc. Canada said he was happy to be at the Expo and his company had received a very broad view of the ITS business at the Show. “Our expertise is in providing systems utilising sensors in and around the highways that satisfy the need of the ITS industry worldwide, specifically systems that make the highways more efficient, help with traffic safety, emission control and reduce emissions by helping traffic move faster, safer and more efficiently. IRD in India has grown from a very small operation to about four operations in India. It has been a fantastic growth story in India for us. We are happy to be a part of this show.”

Pramod Radhakrishnan, IRD South Asia Pvt Ltd added, “IRDSA would like to thank VIS for the excellent organisation and co-ordination made at the TrafficInfraTech Expo 2012. It would be fair to say that it was perhaps one of the neatest organised shows that I have come across in India, comparable to international standards. The concurrent conferences/seminars were equally well organised and relevant. We are thinking progressively on how to integrate assets for large concessionaires such as Reliance, Essel because that is a challenge. Such shows provide that opportunity.”

Jorge Rodrigues, Microprocessador, Sistemes Digitais, S.A., Portugal said, “The market in India is very good and growing each year. Our products are meant for improving safety and security for the drivers. I think the demand for safety and security products is strong across many sectors – roads, highways, cities, metro stations, railways, etc. The show is very good. We are glad we are here.”


Rohan Akirkar, General Manager – Business Development and Samar Kohli, Business Development Manager, Rasilant Technologies said, “This is the first time that we are at the Show. It is a very niche show for a very niche market – the traffic and road industry. The Expo addresses many of the issues the industry is facing and comes up with interesting solutions. We have on display a RFID based parking management, an automated parking system. We are targetting the commercial complexes, large malls, public parking spaces as well as some high-end residential complexes. The Expo has definitely helped us by helping us meet many interested customers from our business segment.”

David Venema, Product Development and Support, Data Signs, Australia was happy to be a part of TrafficInfraTech Expo. He said, “The Show is good for the right kind of people as it is a very targeted show. The enquiries that we have had at the Show have been good. We are privileged to have Mass Trans as our agent in India. Data Signs manufactures VMS displays which are portable trailers with solar energy and battery back-up. You can insert a SIM card to update the display remotely using web based software. It is designed in Australia and partly manufactured in India by Mass Trans. I think the market for this is slowly picking up in India. It can be used to give information to drivers, to educate them and also for advertising purposes.”

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